Maness, Kennedy: A Bipartisan Look At A Monumental Mistake

NEW ORLEANS – Madisonville Republican Rob Maness, a retired United States Air Force colonel and candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2014, and Roger Kennedy, a jazz musician and sound engineer from New Orleans, contributed the following regarding the City of New Orleans’ recent removal of four monuments in New Orleans:

Those who would encourage government to selectively censor artwork based on its offensive nature traverse a proverbial slippery slope, regardless of the subject or scope of the perceived offense itself. With close friends on both sides of the Confederate era monument removal debate, we understand and empathize with the passion driving each faction. But we'll tell you, as a lifelong Democrat who has zero attachment to these monuments and a lifelong Republican who has dedicated his entire career in the military to defending our rights, most everyone is ignoring the bigger picture here.